Commercial Pools

Commercial Swimming Pools

Hotels, resorts, and fitness centers are just a few of the places where a pool can increase attraction to customers. Commercial pool complexes are huge draws that make them wise investments for many establishments.

Commercial pool construction differs greatly from residential and requires specialized professionals.

Enter Pinnacle Pools & Spas. A company that excels in commercial projects from new pools to overall makeovers, we work with schools, gyms, aquatic therapy centers, and more.

Commercial pool installation may take 6 to 12 weeks on average.

Advantages of a Commercial Pool

Relaxing Setting. A pool in your business promotes relaxation and is aesthetically pleasing. And you don’t have to be a vacation resort to have a beautifully landscaped paradise.

Exercise for All. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do and its easy on the joints.

Employee Satisfaction. A company that cares about its emloyee’s well-being will attract better employees.

How Commercial Pools Differ from Residential Pools

Commercial pools have different criteria than residential pools due to:

  • Increased headcount
  • More cost per square foot
  • Permits and compliance
  • Stronger circulation system that accommodates that increased headcount
  • Complex planning for plumbing
  • Larger commercial-grade equipment

Other Considerations When Building Commercial Pools

Branding. As a business, your brand is imperative. We have the ability to design a commercial pool that matches your company’s branding. We’ll show you what we can do using our 3-D modeling software before any construction is done.

Red Tape. Commercial pool construction has more bureaucratic hoops to jump through than residential. Luckily, we’re pros at handling all of this for you. An experienced pool contractor with vast knowledge of pool safety and state rules will help you meet all state requirements. All you have to do is sit back before long you’ll have a significantly more exciting work environment.

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