Lighting Features

Inground Pool Lighting Features

Highlight your beautiful backyard with custom pool lighting features. Pool lights create a modern lounge vibe that takes guests on an evening getaway! Expect more impromptu gatherings at your house because everyone will want to experience your backyard oasis. Intricate pool lighting can elevate your backyard to rival a resort – all at a price much more affordable than you’d guess.

Lighting Features

Types & Variations

When it comes to giving your pool that resort style look, lighting features are a must. You can have your inground pool light up from under the water, around the edges, and any other creative place you can think of. Connect with our builders to receive a free quote.

in pool lights - Pool Lighting Features

In-Pool Lights

Lights have come a long way since the incandescent bulb was invented some 200 years ago. Underwater lights are available in LED, fiber optic, halogen, and single or multi-color options.

While all these options bring vibrance to the poolscape, some are more complex to install and maintain than others. For instance, in-pool halogen lights consume more power than energy-efficient LED lights. Furthermore, LED pool lights use 87% less energy than their incandescent counterparts and require less upkeep.

Spa Lights - Pool Lighting Features

Spa Lights

Enjoy blissful tranquility while basking in a colorfully lit and refreshing spa. Put your lights on a timer, manage the settings, or change the colors remotely with the touch of your finger.

From architectural lighting to floodlighting, we can create the perfect custom lighting for your home resort.

Floating & Submersible Lights

Whether battery-operated or solar-powered, submersible lights can be a fun option to illuminate your pool at night.

They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, turning pool parties into aquatic discos – compete with automated light shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add lights to an inground pool after?

Installing a light in a pool that never had one before involves some steps. First, drain the pool. Then, run a wire from the pool wall to the switch you want to use to control the new light.

How many lights should an inground pool have?

The best choice for lighting up a pool is to have one light for every 8 feet; this will provide a consistent illumination with no bright or dim areas.

What kind of lights go around a pool?

Adding LED lights to the bottom of the pool can create a beautiful, serene atmosphere; the liner will be illuminated with a soft blue hue, making it easier for swimmers to see underwater and feel more comfortable when going for a nighttime swim.

Do pool lights use a lot of electricity?

LED pool lights consume far less energy than other types of lights, and costs can average around 4 cents per day or just under $10 per year.

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