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Vinyl Swimming Pools by Pinnacle Pools & Spas

A vinyl liner pool has a custom–made sheet of vinyl cut to specified dimensions and fastened between the water and the underlying pool structure. The top edge of this vinyl sheet locks into a track on the bottom edge of the deck-level coping or edging. Beneath the liner, the pool floor is made of packed sand or a cement–like material and is formed to match the shape of the liner.

The pool walls, typically 3 ft by 8 ft panels made of galvanized steel or thermoplastic, are supported from behind so they won’t bow out due to the water pressure. All of the wall panels are then secured together to form the swimming pool’s perimeter.

Vinyl Pools

Pros and Cons

Let‘s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning a vinyl pool.


Fast Installation

Vinyl pools have the primary benefit of being able to be installed quickly. With fewer steps in the setup process, vinyl pool installation can take much less time compared to traditional inground pool types.

Any shape

Design Options

Virtually any shape of a vinyl pool can be accommodated by modern manufacturing techniques that create a vinyl liner. Your shape & size options are virtually endless when building a vinyl liner pool.

Easy To Clean

A major advantage of a vinyl pool is its smooth gel coat surface, which makes pool maintenance easier. This surface is nonporous and resists algae growth better than other materials.

Smooth To Touch

Sliding across a vinyl pool liner is incredibly satisfying due to its smooth texture – avoiding the scrapes and bruises that happen on occasion with gunite pools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do vinyl liners last?

Vinyl pool liners can last up to 10 years with regular maintenance. However, factors such as exposure to sunlight, wear and tear, and the amount of care and upkeep can affect their lifespan.

What is the cost of a vinyl pool?

Pools with vinyl liners can be as affordable as $35,000 and range up to $100,000 for more luxurious, feature-filled designs. The exact cost will depend on the specifics of your project.

Can you heat a vinyl pool?

All types of swimming pools, including vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete, can be effectively heated with solar pool heaters, electric heat pumps, and gas heaters.

Can you use salt water in a vinyl pool?

Yes! If you have a vinyl liner, you can use a salt chlorinator system in your pool without any issues.

How fast can a vinyl pool be installed?

The exact installation time depends on the project’s scope. Still, with its quick installation time, a vinyl pool can be completed in as little as four weeks!

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