Gunite Pools

Gunite Swimming Pools by Pinnacle Pools & Spas

A gunite pool provides so many possibilities for extravagant designs. Add everything from raised spas to beach entrances, color finishes, and even in-floor cleaning systems. Create your backyard oasis precisely how you like. Get ready to stand out!

While you’re at it, why not make your finishing touches smarter? Remotely manage and automate custom features like laminar jets, rock waterfalls, rain showers, and more – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Every gunite pool begins with an industry-standard rebar grid crafted especially for your project’s design; this extra reinforcement layer offers unbeatable strength versus traditional inground pools. With a proven and verified application process that creates solid, reliable shells, Pinnacle Pools & Spas goes above and beyond every time!

Gunite Pools

Pros and Cons

Not sure if a gunite pool is right for you? Let’s explore the pros and cons.


Last A Lifetime

Gunite pools last a lifetime and beyond. The steel-reinforced skeleton can be remodeled and refinished many times without compromising its strength. These pools stand the test of time – only needing the occasional resurface.

Any shape

Any Shape or Size

Gunite is poured on-site and can be customized into whatever unique shape best fits the contours of your space. This level of personalization means you can get truly creative with your backyard vision.


Because of the porous nature of concrete and plaster, gunite pools require more upkeep than fiberglass pools. Algae growth can occur if it’s not cleaned and brushed regularly.

Build Time

Although we build gunite pools quickly, they require many more steps than fiberglass pools. This means installing a gunite pool can be a longer process than other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gunite pool?

The base for gunite can be boiled down to three ingredients – sand, cement, and water. This mixture is melded with various amounts of liquid and sprayed into place through a hose system onto the pool frame’s rebar.

How long does it take to build a gunite pool?

Keep in mind that the duration of any gunite pool construction project can vary according to factors including pool size, complexity, location, time of year, and more. Curious about how long your future pool would take? Reach out to one of our builders specializing in gunite pools to determine an estimated build time.

Does a gunite pool add value to your home?

A HouseLogic study claims that, in ideal scenarios, a pool can increase your home’s property value by up to 7%. According to HGTV, the average gain achieved from an in-ground installation usually settles between 5% and 8%. Redfin analyzed 19 hot climate markets and found that the market values for houses with pools rose between $11,591 and $95,393.

What’s the difference between gunite and shotcrete?

The major distinction between shotcrete and gunite is that with the former, the concrete mixture is already blended with water before application; it just solidifies when it touches the ground. In contrast, gunite is a plaster-like mix that only combines with water once it’s sprayed from the application hose.

Can a gunite pool be salt water?

Yes, gunite pools are safe to use with saltwater.

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