Water Features

Inground Pool Water Features

Adding pool water features can turn your beautiful pool into an amusement park. Features like curved slides are popular with kids, while a cascading waterfall can be relaxing to look at – as well as listen to. Water features can increase your enjoyment and ease your stress.

Water Features

Types & Variations

Water features offer an attractive, calming centerpiece to your inground pool. You can choose water features such as waterfalls or sheer descents to install on a new or current pool. Contact a Pinnacle Pools & Spas builder near you to receive a free quote.

Waterfall - Pool water features


Naturalistic waterfall designs are one of the most popular water features. Nothing makes you feel a million miles away from responsibility more than the sound of a cascading waterfall.

Waterfall - Pool water features


Scuppers shoot narrow streams of water from a pool wall, usually at a low height. They enhance visual aesthetics and set a tranquil mood.

Fountains - Pool water features


From traditional statuary fountains to contemporary designs, a fountain can be the centerpiece of your pool or the cherry on top of the visual design.

Here are some popular types of water fountains:

  • Deck Jets
  • Laminar Jets
  • Bubblers
Sheer Descent - Pool water features

Sheer Descents

A sheer descent is a waterfall that thinks it’s better than other waterfalls. They appear to slope off the edge of raised surfaces (like in the picture above). Their glass-like appearance can be configured as rain arcs, rain curtains, or sheer curtains.

fire & water bowl - Pool water features

Water & Fire Bowls

Elevated spas, Cabo ledges, and beach entries are just a few ways to create a tiered look for your poolside. Fire & water bowls will take even the most basic pool and make your backyard look like a Vegas pool party, providing great contrast to fountains and waterfalls.

If you want to separate the fire and water elements, water pots are a stunning addition to the facade, as well.

Waterslides - Pool water features


Last but not least, add some adventure to your pool experience with a slide attached to a submerged cave and grotto.

Don’t want to get too fancy? A conventional slide is still fun for the whole family. Either way, we have a high degree of flexibility with gunite to pull off any design you can imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add water features to existing pool?

If you‘re considering adding a pool waterfall, consulting with a professional who can assess your pool’s characteristics, drainage capacity, filtration system, and pump is essential. This helps to ensure that the installed waterfall will be compatible with your pool.

How deep does a pool have to be for a water slide?

A pool must be at least 2 feet deep for a slide shorter than 48 inches and a drop 3 inches or less. For slides taller than 48 inches, a minimum depth of 3 feet is required; however, some manufacturers may require a depth of between 3 1/2 to 4 feet.

How do pool scuppers work?

Scuppers are a decorative addition to swimming pools, acting as a source of moving water that can be connected to other sections such as spas. Not only do they help keep the pool‘s water clean and fresh by continuously circulating it, but their architectural designs also add an element of beauty to the oasis.

What is the purpose of a pool bubbler?

Pool bubblers produce bubbles in the water which help circulate it and prevent debris from settling on the bottom of the pool.

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