Safety Fences

Pool Safety Fences


The safety of your children is always your number one concern. And depending on where you live, pool safety fences may be required. Pool fences can protect from accidental falls and act as barricades for unwanted wildlife. If either concern fits your situation, we recommend installing a safety fence.

When shopping for pool features, you’re focused on enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space and could be concerned that fencing will have the opposite effect. Don’t worry. Pinnacle provides well-crafted fences that fit into the overall design of your pool landscaping. There are different pool safety fence styles, so finding one that suits your needs and aesthetic preferences will be easy.

Pool Safety Fences

Types & Variations

Pool safety fences come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles to match the aesthetic of your property perfectly. Talk with a Pinnacle Pools & Spas builder to receive a quote for your new pool safety fence.

Aluminum Pool Safety Fence

Extremely durable, aluminum pool fences require little to no maintenance and are easy to install.

Mesh Pool Safety Fence

Mesh pool fences are the most popular because they’re easy for adults to move, but are still strong enough to keep children out of the pool. Mesh can also easily accommodate any pool shape.

Glass Pool Safety Fence

Glass pool fences are climb-resistant while still providing an unobstructed view of your beautiful pool. They’re also surprisingly durable and hard to break.

Wood Pool Safety Fence

Wood pool safety fencing is an economical option and comes in a wide array of styles. They can last for years if properly maintained but do need periodic upkeep, just like other wooden products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest pool fence?

Modern removable mesh pool fencing is designed with safety in mind, offering the most secure and convenient option for protecting your home‘s pool.

Is a safety pool cover better than a fence?

Pool fences are favored over pool covers because they provide a secure and convenient way to protect swimming areas. Fences can be opened and shut quickly, so people don‘t have to worry about covering up their pool. Because covers take longer to install, many swimmers opt for fences to eliminate the potential for accidents.

Do I need a safety fence around my pool?

Pool safety fences are required by some cities but not in all. Generally speaking, having a safety fence is a great idea when children or pets are around.

Is a 4 foot fence tall enough for pool?

Four or five feet is a popular height for a temporary residential pool fence. This height effectively deters small children and pets from accessing the pool, making it safer.

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