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Irving Pool Builders & Contractors – Pinnacle Pools & Spas

Pinnacle Pools & Spas bring its expertise and craftsmanship to Irving, TX, offering custom inground gunite and fiberglass swimming pools for both residential and commercial properties. We have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to delivering exceptional pools that are both stunning and long-lasting. From the initial design to the final installation, we manage the entire process with precision.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees unparalleled service and the highest quality products, resulting in a personalized backyard oasis that perfectly matches your vision. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts is always available to address any maintenance or repair concerns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience throughout the entire project. Let us help you turn your dream of a fiberglass pool into a reality in Irving today!

Top Inground Pool Builders in Irving, TX

Central to our mission is the art of creating captivating swimming pools that beautifully embody your individual style. Specializing in custom gunite and fiberglass constructions, we are your trusted guides throughout the entire building process, ensuring every essential aspect, including budgeting, is expertly handled. Together, we will transform your vision of an ideal outdoor space into a stunning reality.

Renowned as the premier pool builder in Irving, TX, our team of seasoned specialists has earned an exceptional reputation both within the city and beyond. Whether you’re a valued returning customer or new to our services, we warmly encourage you to contact us today. Let’s collaborate and bring forth something truly extraordinary that will fill you with pride for many years to come!

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Pinnacle Pools & Spas has established itself as a renowned fiberglass pool builder in Irving, TX, serving both residential and commercial clients. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and delivering craftsmanship of the highest caliber. We specialize in constructing custom-designed pools that seamlessly blend efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Our comprehensive range of services covers every aspect of your fiberglass pool project, starting from the initial conceptualization all the way to the final installation. Whether you envision a simple and elegant design or desire intricate features such as waterfalls or vanishing edges, we possess the expertise and experience to bring your specific vision to life.

At Pinnacle Pools & Spas, we prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge techniques, advanced technologies, and superior materials. Combined with our unwavering attention to detail, these elements enable us to help you create a breathtaking oasis in your backyard that will stand the test of time, providing enjoyment for generations to come.

Gunite Pool Builders

As the premier provider of gunite pool construction in Irving, we take pride in merging our expertise in custom designs and installation with your unique vision. Together, we can transform your backyard into a breathtaking oasis that promises years of joy and relaxation for you and your family.

Our team offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for building new gunite pools. From selecting the finest materials to navigating local codes and regulations, we handle every aspect of the process with precision and care. Throughout the entire journey, we prioritize open communication, ensuring that you are well informed and actively involved at every step.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we have successfully helped numerous clients turn their dreams into reality, creating spacious and state-of-the-art recreational retreats. Picture crystal-clear water adorned with captivating features like fountains and slides, complemented by sunbathing decks and professionally installed lighting systems. All of this is seamlessly integrated with a meticulously crafted decking system, resulting in a stunning and harmonious outdoor space.

Pool Remodeling

Our team of skilled pool remodel professionals in Irving are dedicated to helping you create the perfect backyard oasis. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to fit various budgets, including pool resurfacing, tile/coping installation and repair, plumbing upgrades and maintenance, as well as filter system replacements.

With our extensive experience and years in the industry, we have acquired a wealth of expertise that allows us to bring your vision of an ideal outdoor space to life quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of quality workmanship.

Whether you require significant renovations such as relining an entire pool or minor touch-ups like replacing worn-out tiles, Pinnacle is fully equipped to handle all aspects of your project. Rest assured, your project will receive our utmost attention and care, ensuring exceptional results.

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Irving Inground Pool Builders

We build custom inground gunite & fiberglass pools in Irving, Texas.


Let our team of experts transform your Irving backyard into a haven of bliss with our reliable and exceptional pool construction services. We are committed to creating unforgettable moments for homeowners in Irving.

Experience the magic of a serene and enchanting outdoor space crafted by our skilled professionals. With a magnificent inground swimming pool as the centerpiece, we ensure a truly remarkable experience for you and your loved ones.

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